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Beijing says 228 protests ‘despicable’

China yesterday described 228 Incident protests as a ploy by Taiwanese independence forces to hijack commemorations of the 70th anniversary of the massacre. The 228 Incident has become a rallying point for the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), which favors formal independence for the nation. Then-president Chiang Kai-shek’sFULL STORY

DPP unveils new immigrant committee

By Chen Wei-han

Members of a new Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) committee on immigrants were inaugurated yesterday to advise the party on immigration issues amid rapid growth in the number of immigrants living in Taiwan. The committee was established to address the needs of new immigrants, which make upFULL STORY

Farglory passed Dome reviews: Taipei deputy mayor

By Sean Lin

Amid media reports of Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je (柯文哲) having set a deadline for the completion of the Taipei Dome, Taipei Deputy Mayor Chen Chin-jun (陳景峻) yesterday confirmed that contractor Farglory Corp had completed seven safety reviews by the Taiwan Architecture and Building Center, addingFULL STORY

Examination Yuan vice presidential nominee vetted by Legislative Yuan

By Alison Hsiao

Examination Yuan vice presidential nominee Lee Yi-yang (李逸洋) was vetted by the Legislative Yuan in Taipei yesterday, during a plenary session in which he voiced his support for pension reform. As the government is expecting the legislature to pass pension reform-related bills in this legislative session,FULL STORY

Women’s groups call for an end to frivolous lawsuits

By Abraham Gerber

Restrictions are needed to keep people from abusing each another with frivolous lawsuits during divorce proceedings, women’s groups said yesterday. “Frivolous lawsuits waste legal resources and are a form of domestic violence which should be subject to restraining orders,” said Garden of Hope Foundation executive directorFULL STORY

Shaft mines should have environmental reviews: activists

By Abraham Gerber

The government’s interpretation of the Mining Act (礦業法) should be revised to require environmental reviews based on the full extent of tunneling, environmental groups said yesterday, criticizing the government for only requiring an environmental review based on the size of above-ground operations. “Under the Bureau ofFULL STORY

Five charged over party death

By Jason Pan

Prosecutors yesterday charged five people in connection to a case linked to the death of a 21-year-old woman following a party at the W Hotel in Taipei in December last year. Prosecutors allege the evidence indicates that Chu Chia-lung (朱家龍) was the central figure in organizingFULL STORY

Awards honor language efforts

By Sean Lin

Seven individuals and three organizations yesterday received the Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Promotion of Native Languages for their work to promote Hoklo (commonly known as Taiwanese), Hakka and Aboriginal languages. Liao Wen-ho (廖文和), founder of the Liao Wen-ho Puppet Theater (廖文和布袋戲團) and Cheng An-chuFULL STORY

Food products denied entry after border tests

By Lee I-chia

Border inspection results released yesterday by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) showed that a three-in-one drip-filter coffee product imported from Japan contained a sugar sachet manufactured in Tochigi Prefecture, an area where food products are banned from import into Taiwan. The goods have been returnedFULL STORY

WRA begins cloud seeding as moist cold front nears

The Water Resources Agency (WRA) yesterday began cloud seeding ahead of the arrival of a moist cold front in a bid to help fill several reservoirs that are at critically low levels. Cloud seeding was first carried out yesterday morning by burning silver iodide compounds aboveFULL STORY

Survivor passes on life lessons

By William Hetherington

National Taiwan Normal University associate professor Hsieh Chi-mou (謝智謀) uses his own experience with domestic abuse and gang life in his work to help troubled young people turn their lives around. Hsieh said that the “adventure education” he uses was unknown in Taiwan when he returnedFULL STORY

Workers tend to huge snakes fresh out of hibernation

By Wu Chun-feng and William Hetherington

Workers at the Snake King Education Farm in Tainan’s Gueiren District (歸仁) on Tuesday performed their biannual post-hibernation check of the facilities’ pythons, ridding them of lice and bacteria. The snakes weigh more than 100kg each and need six people to move them and carry outFULL STORY

Doctor advocates novelty, exercise, diet for brain health

By Lin Hui-ching and Jonathan Chin

Traveling and partaking in other novel activities might help preserve the brain’s capacity for memory, while diet and exercise that promotes cardiovascular health might also promote cerebral health, a Taipei-based neurologist said. In an article published in the Cathay General Hospital Journal, Liao Pin-wen (廖品雯), aFULL STORY

Taiwan News Quick Take

TRANSPORT Tunnel minimum raised The minimum speed in the Hsuehshan Tunnel (雪山隧道) is to be raised from 60kph to 70kph on Wednesday next week in an effort to ease traffic congestion, the Ministry of Transportation and Communications said on Tuesday. Slow driving is the cause of theFULL STORY

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