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Death penalty debate revived

By Lii Wen and Shih Hsiu-chuan

The national debate on the abolition of death penalty received renewed attention on the heels of the death of an eight-year-old girl after her throat was slashed open by an attacker at her elemanetary school on Friday. The gruesome nature of the crime sparked public outrageFULL STORY

Ko eyes threat-monitoring system, campus security

By Abraham Gerber

Taipei plans to revise its system of keeping tabs on dangerous people, Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je (柯文哲) said yesterday after the slaying of an eight-year-old student at an elementary school in the capital’s Beitou District (北投) on Friday. Ko said the case raised questions about whetherFULL STORY

‘Priority bills’ could be a shared plank for January

By Su Fun-her

Three nascent political parties have agreed to put forward a joint list of priority bills as a shared plank in their platforms for next year’s legislative elections in January before determining whether to cooperate in candidate nominations to avoid vote-splitting, Green Party Taiwan co-convener LeeFULL STORY

Donation-tracking rule draws complaint

By Lee Hsin-fang

Political parties and groups are required by law to submit audited financial statements on political donations from the previous year to the Control Yuan by today, but many smaller parties might be fined because their statements have not been audited, triggering complaints from the smallFULL STORY

The once-long road from township to city just got shorter

By Su Fang-he, Chung Li-hua and Cheng Chi-fang

The Legislative Yuan on Friday amended the Local Government Act (地方制度法), lowering the population threshold for new county-administered cities to 100,000 from 150,000. Because the title change does not affect a township’s budget or staffing quota, some academics said that without distributing more resources, theFULL STORY

US official did not support opposition: ex-SEF official Kao

“Someone” had mistaken a comment by a US Department of State official as a gesture supporting the Democratic Progressive Party, a Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) official said on Friday. Such a huge misunderstanding could be problematic, said former Straits Exchange Foundation (SEF) vice chairman KaoFULL STORY

Residents pan Taipei ‘land grab’

By Sean Lin

Residents of Singuang Borough (新光) in Taipei’s Nangang District (南港) yesterday asked Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je (柯文哲) to buy back what they said was an illegally acquired plot of land and a flood-relief channel beside the Sinjhuang Pond (新庄埤), to protect public safety in theFULL STORY

Sex offenders remove electronic tags, at large

By Jason Pan

Two sex offenders are on the loose after breaking off their electronic ankle monitors, prompting questions over the nation’s judicial parole system and supervision of offenders on parole. In Hsinchu County, a public safety warning was raised when netizens circulated the news on social media thisFULL STORY

Shop bells to be banned at night

By Kuo Yi and Chen Wei-han

Chimes that welcome customers are to be banned in July at the earliest in convenience stores in Taipei from late night to early morning to curb noise pollution, the Taipei Department of Environmental Protection said yesterday. According to a forthcoming departmental noise-control bylaw, convenience storeFULL STORY

Excessive smartphone use causes dry eye syndrome

By Yeh Kuan-yu and Chen Wei-han

A doctor warned that prolonged smartphone use can aggravate dry eye syndrome, as a woman in her 60s who has the disease recently found out when her condition worsened and even the application of artificial tears failed to help relieve her symptoms. Taipei City Hospital’s YangmingFULL STORY

Students carry out protests over dorm prices for Chinese

By Lii Wen

Students from Taipei’s Shih Hsin University over the past week have staged a series of protests over expensive dorm prices for exchange students from China. Led by the Shih Hsin University Student Labor Rights Action Group, the students accused the university of unfairly charging Chinese studentsFULL STORY

Police officers rated worst offenders of traffic violations

By Abraham Gerber

Police officers lead city officials in tickets for traffic violations, Taipei City Councilor Chen Chien-ming (陳建銘) of the Taiwan Solidarity Union said on Friday. He cited statistics from the city’s secretariat showing that since 2012, police officers accounted for almost half of all the tickets receivedFULL STORY

Taiwan News Quick Take

PUBLIC HEALTH No MERS threat: CDC The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) yesterday said that it does not see any immediate threat following China’s first confirmed case of Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS), reported the previous day. No infections in Taiwan were recorded from a total ofFULL STORY

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