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Merged elections gaining favor

By Li Hsin-fang and Chen Wei-han

With the Central Election Commission (CEC) scheduled to announce its plans for next year’s presidential and legislative elections on Feb. 12, a proposal to hold the elections together appears to be gaining public favor. A recent poll conducted by the commission found that 68.4 percentFULL STORY

Greens to seek cooperation with other minor parties

By Lii Wen

An amendment to the Green Party’s charter passed on Saturday is seen as a bid to invite cooperation with like-minded minor parties in next year’s legislative elections. Members of the environmental party voted on Saturday for an amendment to allow Green Party members to also holdFULL STORY

INTERVIEW: Taipei tourism boss to promote city’s uniqueness

By Yu Pei-ju and Chen Wei-han

Taipei Department of Information and Tourism Commissioner Chien Yu-yen (簡余晏) says her office is changing its focus under Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je’s (柯文哲) administration, seeking to “promote Taipeiers” (行銷台北人), instead of publicizing the city government and the mayor as previous administrations have done. In a recentFULL STORY

Worker numbers drop as Taiwan ages, council says

The nation’s working population could shrink to just 51 percent of the total population by the end of 2060, as the number of people leaving the workforce has reached 180,000 people a year, the latest statistics from the National Development Council show. The nation’s decliningFULL STORY

Library tracks publication figures

By Lin Hsiao-yun and Chen Wei-han

Books on the humanities and social sciences staged a comeback last year, thanks to the Sunflower movement, the National Central Library said. In contrast to the general decline in the nation’s publishing industry, 121 books on humanities and social science were published last year as theFULL STORY

Tsai confident of DPP’s success in Feb. 7 by-elections

By Loa Iok-sin

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Chairperson Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) yesterday said she is confident about the upcoming by-elections on Saturday and vowed that all five of the party’s nominees will be elected. Tsai waved to cheering supporters with a smile on her face, while accompanying theFULL STORY

Chunghwa Post succeeds in role as hotel landlord

By Shelley Shan

Chunghwa Post said it has succeeded in “revitalizing” its assets by renting out some of its facilities to the private sector, generating millions of New Taiwan dollars in revenue. It said it recently rented part of the decades-old Dongmen Post Office site in Taipei and CianjinFULL STORY

Taipei rail station opens prayer room for Muslims

By Shelley Shan

Muslims now have a quiet place to pray inside Taipei Railway Station after the opening of the station’s first Muslim prayer room last week. The provision of the religious facility is seen as a move to further reshape the Taiwan Railways Administration’s image among the foreignFULL STORY

Stray Labrador finds new place in field of education

By Huang Wen-huang and Jake Chung

Greater Tainan’s Tekao Elementary School has, in taking in a stray dog, unwittingly provided itself with a valuable teaching aid for children attending the school that are physically or mentally challenged. Staff said the school first saw Lala (拉拉), a Labrador, on school grounds at ChristmasFULL STORY

Hakka opera troupe to embark on tour of South America

By Lii Wen

An award-winning Hakka opera troupe is to embark on a tour of South America this month, as part of the Hakka Affairs Council’s efforts to promote traditional Hakka performance arts overseas. The tour is scheduled to begin on Monday next week and conclude on Feb. 19,FULL STORY

Adopted Taiwanese man to return and meet family

Conny Wiik, who was adopted from Taiwan by a Finnish couple as a toddler, is looking forward to reuniting with his birth mother after more than 30 years of separation. The 34-year-old said he was thrilled at the prospect of returning to his birthplace andFULL STORY

Researcher leading dive into Taiwan’s underwater history

By Jake Chung

Prior to the invention of airplanes, the vastness of the sea had been the only means of travel between continents, and no one knew how many of human civilization’s treasures were buried under the waves, until the world began turning its attention to archeological treasures.FULL STORY

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