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KMT exits no surprise: Lee Teng-hui

By Chang Hsiao-ti and Chen Yu-hsuan

Former president Lee Teng-hui (李登輝) in a radio interview on Friday said it is understandable that some pro-localization Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) members would want to form the “Taiwan Nationalist Party Alliance,” given that KMT presidential candidate Hung Hsiu-chu’s (洪秀柱) dismal poll numbers seem toFULL STORY

US group warns of ‘storm’ to hit South China Sea

By William Lowther

There is a military storm brewing in the South China Sea and it will involve Taiwan, a US national defense and strategic planning consultancy on Friday told a Washington conference. “China is maneuvering and building up its military forces with clear intent,” Global Strategies and TransformationFULL STORY

FTP calls for DPP vote to be shared

By Loa Iok-sin

Pro-independence advocates yesterday called on voters to support the Free Taiwan Party (FTP), saying at a news conference in Taipei that the pan-green camp as a whole — rather than just the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) — should win the majority in next year’s legislativeFULL STORY

Taiwanese not so politically active in past year: poll

Incessant bickering between the pan-blue and pan-green camps might drive some people crazy, but most voters are actually lukewarm, or even cold, when it comes to political and social participation, a survey published on Friday said. Only 1 percent of respondents have made calls or submittedFULL STORY

Taipei plan for Shilin ‘tourist center’ sparks debate

By Sean Lin

A plan proposed by the Taipei City Government to procure three private plots of land in Shilin District (士林) for the construction of a “tourist center” — for which the city government has budgeted NT$105 million (US$3.17 million) from its second reserve fund — hasFULL STORY

Pingtung council speaker and nine others indicted

By Jason Pan

The Pingtung District Prosecutors’ Office on Friday indicted Pingtung County Council Speaker Chou Dian-lun (周典論) and nine Pingtung County councilors on charges related to vote-buying and accepting bribes. Chou and eight of the county councilors are members of the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT), while the remainingFULL STORY

Young students promote environmental awareness

By Chen Wei-han

Hundreds of primary-school students gathered to display gas masks they made at convention in Taipei yesterday to promote environmental awareness among children, after Far EasTone Telecommunications Co released a poll on the public understanding and attitudes toward air pollution, targeting students between the third andFULL STORY

Taiwan’s first light-rail to begin trial run this month

A test operation of Kaohsiung’s light-rail system — the first to be installed in Taiwan — is to begin on Oct. 16, according to the city government. Kaohsiung Rapid Transit Corp, which is in charge of operating the system, is to begin accepting reservations onFULL STORY

Researchers calculate mass of black hole

By Chen Wei-han

Academia Sinica researchers said they have calculated that a supermassive black hole in a galaxy 4 billion light-years away might contain more than 300 million times the Sun’s mass by analyzing images taken by radio telescopes, adding that the findings are key to understanding theFULL STORY

Eggs do not cause high cholesterol: NTU lecturer

By Lee I-chia

Eggs are a good source of nutrition and people should not hold on to the myth that eating them is a cause of high cholesterol levels, a lecturer at National Taiwan University (NTU) said. NTU Student Registration Office director Hung Tai-hsiung (洪泰雄) has lost 17kg inFULL STORY

Hengchun Airport to face possible closure next year

The Civil Aeronautics Administration (CAA) is to make a decision on whether to close Hengchun Airport in Pingtung County in the second half of next year, given the airport’s extremely low passenger rate, CAA Director-General Lin Tyh-ming (林志明) said yesterday. Lin said the Pingtung County GovernmentFULL STORY

Taiwan News Quick Take

HEALTH Turkeys to be culled A farm in Yunlin County’s Dongshih Township (東勢) is to have 1,673 turkeys culled following an outbreak of a highly pathogenic strain of avian influenza, the Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine said yesterday. The affected farm reported irregularFULL STORY

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